What we are?

Sangbad24.news is a multimedia news portal for authentic news, realistic views, needful message, Real life story, correct information, proper attention and healthy entertainment from Bangladesh.
Besides this online news portal has started its operations with the commitment of fearless investigation, informative and neutral journalism.
We are sincerely attached to bringing a futuristic pathway to journalism through dynamic writing, highly interactive making, and display the problems of society.
Sangbad24 delivers updated breaking news and top statement across politics, education, women, children, health (especially mental health), science, travel, food, life and so on.

“We have a vision of Humanity and social prosperity”

Our vision: Brain with heart Sangbad24 has started with several issues, new innovative ideas, futuristic vision for new generations. We suppose, Sangbad24 serves news completely different point of view like humanity and equality for all. Our portal is the expression of the medium of thoughtfulness.
Moreover, we believe to change society is very important to show special attention towards women’s prosperity and development. This is another concerned issue of ‘sangbad24’. Finally, with courage and strength, we constantly execute our mission to express freedom, humanity and women’s equality.
A group of youngster journalist is working with ‘Sangbad24’ and trying to create a new dimension of the media sector in Bangladesh.
Stay with us.