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Bangabandhu A great leader

Kajal Deb

O’great,Your footsteps made us invincible and glorified our image

Blushing all their pomps ,snatched a flag
Whole world stunned as you initiated a new phase.

O’great, your birth marked an ever presence apartheid
Untold sufferings gripped us from everywhere
Your greatness and prowess rescued us as you swayed .

Walked miles after miles,hours after hours through all odds
Shouldered all burden knowing dark uncertainties
But their plotting failed as you didn’t give them nods.

O’great ,your poetic words mesmerised a vast multitude
Enthralled the wave of vibrated crowds
And tingled millions of lives and enlivened them hugging fued.

O’great,your vastness suppressed all cruelty and threatened the occupation force ,
Ignored their scorn, even all setbacks and pullbacks
Your onward march continued mulling their plan and source.

O’great, Your birth ensured a land, blossomed flowers,showered rays of hope
Though you faced the bitterest opponency from every corners
Like an undulating surge, thrashed away all stumbling block and slope.

As a draftsman you drafted a story nicely and played a role as well
Stupefied them from North frozen zone to South,so did the heavn-dwellers
Despite all conspiracy, they couldn’t make the story foil.

O’great,you loved that rural gammer who lived in a small cubicle
Even your affection was unbound for unnamed millions youths
Assumed strong poison like great Shiva knowing all hassle.

O’great, your roaring voice pulsated from hamlet to palace, heaven to earth
Smeared dust particles of this worn-out land; cradled ill-fated masses
And won over all adversities, bumpy pathways and prolonged dearth.

Your great heart made room for all distressed and deprived without deeming caste,
Kicked out all previleged; their kingly image and prank
Though you remained same fringing all woes that assuaged your thirst.

O’great your birth hinted fearlessness and a piece of land for our own
Though a foolish bunch betrayed and tried erasing your name
But you are chanted lovingly from every breath ;who dares you disown?

Writer: lecturer,Moulvibazar Govt College 

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