China stands beside Bangladesh to fight against coronavirus

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China has bravely extended support to the world after controlling the coronavirus in their country. China is the last to face Corona in Italy.

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The Chinese government has announced that it will stand next to Bangladesh after hearing of Corona’s first death in Bangladesh.

The Chinese Embassy informed the Bangladesh government on Wednesday (March 18) China has decided to donate emergency medical supplies, including a large number of test kits, to Bangladesh to fight coronavirus or Covid-19.

“In curbing the epidemic, China has always been and will be the most reliable partner of Bangladesh,” said the Embassy on Wednesday.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs here has also been informed about the offer to provide medical logistics to assist Bangladesh to contain the spread of Coronavirus.

This Chinese Emergency Humanitarian Aid Project includes coronavirus test kits for 10,000 people, 15,000 surgical N95 respirators (medical N95 mask), 10,000 medical protective clothing and 1,000 infrared thermometers.

China said it will be responsible for the manufacturing and air transportation of medical logistics.

Earlier, during the coroner epidemic in China, Sheikh Hasina wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of China sending various medical supplies including masks. China did not forget this sympathy of Bangladesh in their misery.

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