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Israel reportedly agrees to cease-fire

Israel has agreed to a ceasefire in the face of international pressure. Israel announced a ceasefire after 11 consecutive days of attacks on Palestine.

The BBC reports that the Israeli government made the decision after a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday.

The BBC’s journalist Rushdie Aboualouf in Gaza wrote in a tweet that sources close to the ceasefire talks told the BBC that Israel had informed Egypt of its position on the ceasefire. Egypt is playing an active role in negotiating a ceasefire.

Citing Qatar-based Al Jazeera TV, the Jerusalem Post reported that Israeli officials have updated the Egyptian mediator brokering the talks that it agrees to end its military operation.

There were still mixed reports of a cease-fire, however, with Hamas political bureau member Husam Badran telling a radio station that no agreement with Israel has been reached, Haaretz reported.

He added that if reports that Israel is preparing to announce a unilateral cease-fire prove true, Hamas would assess the situation and decide how to

Diplomatic efforts by various countries and organizations around the world to intensify the ceasefire in Gaza intensified on Thursday. As the humanitarian crisis in the Palestinian territories escalates, the world’s superpowers have called on both sides to end the war. But Israel’s fight with Hamas, the ruling group in Gaza, continues.

The 193-member UN General Assembly convened on Thursday. The meeting discussed the renewed Israeli-Palestinian conflict but failed to take any action.

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