Only integrated steps can help us to overcome coronavirus

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Bangladesh is a country where everything is possible and at the same time nothing is far behind from us to achieve. According to the recent shown statistics, COVID-19 is alarmingly infecting the people and the number of the infected patients is increasing leaps and bounds across the globe. Nonetheless, a section of people is not conscious enough and paying least heed to the gruesomeness of the corona virus pandemic due to their negligence and ignorance.

Still it’s a matter of great shocking that people living around us are nonchalant to this regard and leading their life in such a way that nothing harm will touch them. We, common people are behaving like that we are innate unabiding to the laws. A portion of the people is really in great trouble and finding no other way, they have to go out to earn their breads. Such people usually depend on their fate and know little about the guideline that has been imposed by the government on the people for the time being.

The survey finds that the UK is not capable enough to provide sufficient PPE(personal protection equipment )for the medical staffers and working’ night and day’ to supply it. However, Bangladesh is trying very cordially and has minimized this problem as per our capacity. As our resource is not as available as the developed countries, the government is trying tirelessly to combat this calamity. In accordance with the data of the health ministry, govt has accumulated a good deal of PPE and other necessary equipment for the doctors to curve the pandemic.

The measures that have been taken to bring the situation under control are quite time-sensing and will be helpful for the masses. International flights have been decreased and specifically, passengers of the corona virus-infected countries are sent to quarantine center or home quarantine in order that the spread of the virus can be restricted. Though there are some inconsistencies that have embarrassed the government and as a consequence, people who are foreign-bounced suffered a lot from those disorders.

The government has immediately announced 5000crore taka for the garment owners as a stimulus package to pay the salary of the employees of the garment industries. Some other steps like the announcement of seventy-three thousand crore taka is another time-winning step to tide over this undecidable backwater. Five thousand crore taka that has been ascertained for the agriculture sector would be helpful for the farmers who are contributing much to our economy. Though, five percent interest has been imposed upon the farmers that would really be tougher for them to repay their
borrowings.Moreover,some other official compulsion will also deter the farmers to borrow from the bank. At present,our each and every beneficiation body is not functioning except agriculture. From a reliable source,it is estimated that our paddy production from the boro season would be more than four lac metric tons providing that there is no flash flood and other natural calamities.Our Prime Minister is also repeatedly urging all to grow something facing the ongoing crisis. She said, no land will be spared blank.Realising the upcoming challenges, she is calling upon all to utilize the piece of land which usually remains deserted next to our house.

In fact, we have almost everything what we need to be self-sufficient and fight from the front. However, the prevailing discrepancies and disagreements can’t help us to do the right things in right time. There are some visible short-comings that are lagging us behind and consequently we ,in many ways ,fail to face the situation successfully.

There’s a common question that peeps in the mind of the commoners regarding quarantine. People, irrespective of all classes should obey the rules that are must and mandatory for us all to recover from this danger. But, people representatives should not follow the same instructions and should not hide themselves in this critical time of the state. If they play like hide and go seek,to whom will people go and share their sorrows and sufferings?Who will oversee the crisis and relief work? As, people are not getting relief according to their demands and distribution is not being perfected in an appropriate manner. Resulting, we see huge din and bustle among the people for succor and an unavoidable gathering in each and every part of the country is seen to collect their breads.

However, to overcome this crisis, government alone is doing all. No other organizations is seen playing any statable role that can be mentioned.In this critical conjuncture,both government and non government organizations are supposed to work arm in arm to face this unexpected time.In practical, people are not getting sufficient help from the private sectors. Despite various hurdles, I see some very affirmative actions that can certainly help us to struggle vigorously against this untowardness.

As our Prime Minister is strictly monitoring each and every matter, that is why no massive indiscipline is seen and different organs of the state are functioning in a very usual way. Though, a vested quarter is always busy with picking holes in the government’s coat. But I think we should consider the matter in a different way. Bangladesh is a densely populated country and no other country is as populated as Bangladesh.

Our working-class group is bigger than the other groups. Most of the working-class people are living from hand to mouth and finding no other better ways,they are to go out to earn some cash. Furthermore, people are unwilling to obey the rules that have been imposed upon them with a view to gaining the upper hand against coronavirus. Notwithstanding, one very important thing is that different student organizations like chatra league, chatra union and different social organizations are working cordially to help the people. Many affluent people have extended their hands from home and abroad and are moving heaven and earth to help the afflicted people. Some representatives of the people are sending relief goods at the houses of the poverty -striken people.Some leaders are distributing from their own fund and some have managed a system from where people can take goods according to their needs.

Our doctors and police are going on their job and attending upon the people in the hour of danger.
Despite all positive and concerted efforts,a section of people is trying to pour cold water on our on going march to subvert the battle. Though, some representatives of the local government are involved with irregularities but their number is very trivial and vast majority of them are working with faithful way. Besides, culprits, who have been caught red-handed during adopting unfairmeans,are awarded punishment on the instant without considering their political identity.

Corona virus pandemic is a global catastrophe and countries like USA, UK and other European influential countries are not capable enough to handle the situation successfully. Many doctors have died in Italy, UK and USA in spite of taking all precautionary measures.

Finally, we all should bear in mind that fight against corona virus is not merely the fight of our government, rather it should be a universal fight and people of all stratas should work shoulder to shoulder. Our consciousness and preparedness have to be more matured and we have to come forward from personal level to political level to overcome this crisis. Moreover, we are to think a lot about the post corona virus pandemic.As the main driving forces of our economy are on the wane except agriculture sector.So,we all, without spending a moment , should touch upon the matter of remedies with utmost seriousness and integrity. Otherwise, the days coming ahead would be cataclysmic and push us into abysmal ditch.

Kajal Deb, lecturer- Moulvibazar Govt College
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